Cheats for Adventure Island 2 NES

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Cheats for Adventure Island 2 NES

Level Select

On the title screen press Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A then B after Higgins is hit by a coconut.

Continue Game Play

In the first cave of the first island, find the fifth skull. Walk past it and jump up and down to access a hidden room. Collect the Hudson Bee logo from here. Now whenever the Game Over screen appears, hold Left and press Start to continue game play.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SXNLOKVK
Infinite Energy SZUIGEVK
Start with 2 lives PEXVAALA
Start with 7 lives TEXVAALA
Start with 10 lives PEXVAALE
Keep energy after being hit AAKSEYZA
Faster Running ALKXAAAZ
Reversible Skateboard AENZTPAZ

Hint: Hammers

The most effective way to use hammers is to fire them rapidly. If they disappear and make a strange noise, jump at the spot where they disappeared as it could mean there is an egg there containing a level skip, inventory item or bonus level.

Hint: Collecting food

To collect food while with the pterodactyl, stay low to the ground.

Hint: Obtaining eggs from birds

Try to shoot most birds over the ground as some of them carry eggs.