Cheats for Adventure Island 3 NES

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Cheats for Adventure Island 3 NES

Level Select

On the title screen press Down, Up, Left, Right, B, A, B, then A for a level select

Continue Game Play

In the first cave of the first island, find the fifth skull. Walk past it and jump to access a hidden room. Collect the Hudson Bee logo from here. Now whenever the Game Over screen appears, hold Left and press Start to continue game play.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SXNLISSE
Start with 2 lives PESZAALA
Start with 7 lives TESZAALA
Start with 9 lives PESZAALE
Get 99 Lives after picking up 100 fruits AAKXGTZA
Keep items after losing a life (begins to work after level 1) GXUUGOSO
Begin with 2 Red Taylors VTVZZESE
Begin with 2 Blue Taylors VTVZIESE
Begin with 2 Classies VTVXAESE
Begin with 2 Don-Dons VTVXLESE
Begin with 2 Poleys VTVXTESE
Begin with 2 Boomerangs VTNZPESE
Begin with 2 Axes VTNZGESE
Begin with 2 Invincibility Crystals VTNZYESE
High Jumping SUEZEXLN