Cheats for Adventures in the Magic Kingdom NES

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Cheats for Adventures in the Magic Kingdom NES

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives 0006 D804
Invincibility 0000 3003
Unlimited Stars 0000 BA0C
Unlimited Candles 0006 F210
Unlimited Time 0006 F401

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SXKYUOVK
Start with 1 life PEVEIALA
Start with 6 lives TEVEIALA
Start with 9 lives PEVEIALE
Begin with less energy in attractions PAVAZPLA
Begin with more energy in attractions IAVAZPLA
Begin with even more energy in attractions PAVAZPLE
Nearly unlimited energy in attractions SXXNXPVG
Never lose a life in attractions SXKYUOVK
Infinite candles SZSTGVVK
Energy costs less LAKUTGTA
Energy costs more GAKUTGTE
Freeze costs less GAKUYKAA
Freeze costs more YAKUYKAE
Invincibility costs less IASLAKZA
Invincibility costs more GPSLAKZA
Lives costs less TASLPKGA
Lives costs more APSLPKGE
All items are free GXELLXSN + AAXUAXGY
More Freeze time NYKULZKU
Less Freeze time AGKULZKL
More Invincibility time EGSUYXGL
High Jumping EYKVNKXN

Hint: Buy bonuses

To display the purchase menu, press Select during the game. The various stars collected during the game can be used to purchase extra lives, temporary invincibility, opponent freeze, and more.