Cheats for Adventures of Dino Riki NES

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Cheats for Adventures of Dino Riki NES

This title is also known as:

  • New Type, The
  • Shinjinrui: The New Type (in Japan, United States of America)

Continue Game Play

On the title screen, hold Right and press Start to get continuous play. You can also press Up and Start at the same time on the Game Over screen to continue play.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SZEETTVG
Start with 1 life AESEPGZA
Start with 6 lives IESEPGZA
Start with 9 lives AESEPGZE
Infinite Energy SZUENZVG
Begin with 4 life hearts GESEIGZA
Begin with 8 life hearts AESEIGZE
Begin in Macho form VVEAPISA
Begin and stay in Macho form VKEAPISA
Stay Macho after Macho form is obtained IEVASPIG
Begin on level 2-1 TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAA
Begin on level 3-1 TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAA
Begin on level 4-1 TKSAAGSA + TEKEIGAA
Begin on level 4-2 TKSAAGSA + AEKEIGAE
Begin on level 4-3 TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAE
Begin on level 4-4 TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAE