Cheats for Adventures of Lolo 3 NES

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Cheats for Adventures of Lolo 3 NES

Easy Start

Enter 2222 2222 2222 2222 as your password then complete the first two levels and collect the egg and key. Then go to level 3 and build a rainbow bridge. The game will not continue past level 8.

Level Passwords

Level Code
Level 4-7 6B5R TQ6 C236 VWH (Lolo)
Level 4-7 MMDY WQH4 B2C9 BH (Lala)
Level 4-7 Bosses JY8H JPLG 893Q C2L
Level 9-12 V4Y 23G 5J+ JNDN (Lolo)
Level 9-12 JWB+ LFF PBV 326B (Lala)
Level 9-12 Bosses TTHR MR7H V3 L493
Level 14 ZGNY PTR5 +QTZ 3Q5V (Lolo)
Level 14 Y2+V WGDN J+GG NSZ6 (Lala)
Level 15 NSMJ 62K5 6STK 67SR (Lolo)
Level 16 QKKH SQ53 6DP NJ+6 (Lolo)
Level 16 W8S 4M4 GVRZ WM42 (Lala)
Level 17 96HW 56R8 BB 93G5 (Lolo)
Level 17 D49 DKQ QQP T56V (Lala)
King of Eggerland 4R4N SPDD FL4 5BTJ

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite shots for each room upon pick-up SXOASZVG