Cheats for Amagon NES

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Cheats for Amagon NES

Level Select and Continue Option

A level select and continue option will become available if you make it to level 4 without losing.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite lives AAXGNYPA
Start with 1 life PEOVIZGA
Start with 8 lives AEOVIZGE
Unlimited mega-power GZSZIZSP
Unlimited bullets AAVYLTPA
Begin with no bullets PEOVPZGA
Begin with 600 bullets YEOVPZGA
Get 10 bullets on pick-up PAVKUIZA
Get 30 bullets on pick-up LAVKUIZA

Hint: Defeating the Elephant Man

In level 2-1, when being attacked by an Elephant Man, jump on the branch that is on the left end of the screen and move as far to the left as possible on the branch to force Elephant Man to disappear from the screen.