Cheats for Arkanoid NES

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Cheats for Arkanoid NES

Level Skip

During the first 16 levels, you can press A and Start at the same time to skip to the next level.

Level Select

For a level select, hold Start, A and B on the title screen and release when the level you want is displayed. This cheat can also be done by holding A and Select on the title screen.

Continue Playing

To continue playing, hold A and B and press Start, Start, Start, Start then Start on the Game Over screen.

255 Lives

To start with 255 lives, enter the password NYOPUGLE.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives 0000 1D06

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Player 1 begins with 1 life PAOPUGLA
Player 1 begins with 6 lives TAOPUGLA
Player 1 begins with 9 lives PAOPUGLE
Unlimited lives for both players OZNEATVK
Player 1 begins at level 5 IAOONGPA
Player 1 begins at level 10 ZAOONGPE
Player 1 begins at level 15 YAOONGPE
Player 1 begins at level 20 GPOONGPA
Player 1 begins at level 25 PPOONGPE
Player 1 begins at level 30 TPOONGPE
No bat enhancement capsules SXNAIAAX
No lasers SXVATAAX