Cheats for Astyanax NES

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Cheats for Astyanax NES


On the title screen press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, then Start.

Level Select

For a level select, press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, B, B, B, then Start on the title screen.

Continue Playing

To continue press A, B, Select the Start at the ‘Game Over’ screen.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Invincibility 0000 9114
Infinite Lives 0000 9605
Unlimited Spell 0000 9605

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Unlimited Energy SZUGTISA
Unlimited Spell AUEKGUAP
Double Energy and Spell AZKAVZGO
Begin with 1 life AEUEUGZA + AASAXZZA
Begin with double lives IEUEUGZA + IASAXZZA
Begin with triple lives AEUEUGZE + AASAXZZE
Begin with Blast Spell PAKEKZAA
Begin with Bind Spell ZAKEKZAA
Begin with extra weapon power GPKAXZGA
Keep weapons after dying SZUGEUVK

Hint: Solving the level 5 maze

To get through the maze on level 5, only enter the doors that are guarded by skeletons.