Cheats for Bad News Baseball NES

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Cheats for Bad News Baseball NES

Final Game

To play the final game, enter this password: 4yt49?ahwSGUh@Y:

Play as All-Girls Team

To play as an all-girls team, hold Diagonal Down/Left on controller 1 and Up on controller 2 and then press Reset. A heart will appear if the code has worked.

Rabbit Bubbles

Select 1-player pennant mode. at the password screen, press B and the rabbit will make his own bubbles in the hot tub.


Team and Score Password
Atlanta 6-0 7X349k*b wC8MKDhq
Boston 5-1 hQ33fK/b wCFZCmTI
Chicago 7-0 h234fI/b wCFZMCM
Detroit 10-0 EQ3ePL/b wCFZE#!n
Los Angeles 9-3 UT3eXbb wCFZIyjr
Montreal 13-2 Uy74WS9M wCFZQH#n
Oakland 12-0 Ey*BI?JZ fAFZSKj
San Francisco 9-0 7R3R8K/b wCFZ9y?k St.
Louis 6-0 7y3B7J6b wCFZatPJ
Texas 3-0 hyt4f3*8 7BFZULAt