Cheats for Bionic Commando NES

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Cheats for Bionic Commando NES

Infinite Continues

To get infinite continues, press A at the ‘Game Over’ screen.

Level Skip

For a level skip, hold Start and press A and B simultaneously during the game.

Skip Introduction

To skip the introduction at the start and go straight to the map screen, press A and B simultaneously.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives 0000 4A02

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite lives in main game SZNUIYVG
Infinite lives in sub-game SXUEZPVG
Begin with 1 life AAUGSZZA
Begin with double lives IAUGSZZA
Begin with triple lives AAUGSZZE
Begin with 3-way gun VGKKNXUK
Begin with 3 life energy capsules LAUKOZAA + XTUKUXVU
Take no damage from bullets and collisions SXSTYNVK
Take no damage from spikes VTNZXVVK
Take no damage from bullets and collisions in sub-game SZUOAOVK
Auto-fire in the main game XYXUUOEN
Improved auto-fire with normal gun AAKUOOZA + XYXUUOEN

Hint: Collecting continues

Intercept the convoy trucks and collect the eagle icons that some enemies leave behind. Each eagle is worth one continue.