Cheats for Boy and His Blob A – Trouble on Blobolonia NES

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Cheats for Boy and His Blob A – Trouble on Blobolonia NES

Unlimited Jellybeans

To get unlimited jellybeans, use the honey jellybean over 50 times.

Get your blob back

If you lose your blob, throw a ketchup jellybean and he’ll come back.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Start with 1 Life 0000 A200
Infinite Lives 0000 A205
Invincibility 0000 A500
Infinite Coconut Jellybeans 0002 C399
Infinite Liquorice Jellybeans 0002 BF99
Infinite Strawberry Jellybeans 0002 C199
Infinite Cola Jellybeans 0002 C599
Infinite Cinnamon Jellybeans 0002 C799
Infinite Apple Jellybeans 0002 C999
Infinite Root Beer Jellybeans 0002 D199
Infinite Honey Jellybeans 0002 D399
Infinite Ketchup Jellybeans 0002 D599
Infinite Punch Jellybeans 0002 D799
Infinite Orange Jellybeans 0002 D999
Infinite Vanilla Jellybeans 0002 CD99
Infinite Tangerine Jellybeans 0002 CF99
Infinite Lime Jellybeans 0002 CB99
Infinite Vitamin A 0002 DB20
Infinite Vitamin B 0002 DD20
Infinite Vitamin C 0002 DF20
Silent Whistle 0002 0544
Blob always happy 0000 8901

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Have only 1 life AAULNGIA
Double lives ZAULNGIE
Infinite lives GXXEOPVG
101 of all starting jellybeans SZXLXXSU + YYXLUGEY
Infinite jellybeans AAVKIPPA
Fast play SXEEZAAX
Invincibility (No damage at all) AVOGAEOZ
No damage from enemies AVOPVGEI
10 orange jellybeans APEUUIAA
10 lime jellybeans AONUSGAA
99 licorice jellybeans OONLOGZN
Double strawberry jellybeans AUNLUGIP
Double cola jellybeans TUNLNKAP
Double cinnamon jellybeans AKNUNGAL
Double ketchup jellybeans ZPELNITA
Triple coconut jellybeans AONLSGTE
Triple root beer jellybeans APELUITE
10 Vitamin A APEUSIAA
10 Vitamin B APEUNIAA
10 Vitamin C APOLOIAA

Hint: Easy Blobolonia cornfield

To get through the cornfields easily, start running and throw the coconut approximately one screen before the start of the cornfields. Blobert will transform into a coconut that will roll through and smash the kernels.

Hint: Cherries

Shoot the cherries that fall with the Vita-Blaster and vitamin C.