Cheats for Bump ‘n’ Jump NES

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Cheats for Bump ‘n’ Jump NES

Continue Game Play

On the Game Over screen, hold Select on controller 1 and A and B on controller 2. Then press Start, Start on controller 2 while still holding down the other buttons.

Extra Fuel

To get extra fuel, rapidly press the A button while in the repair shop.

50 000 Bonus Points

To get 50 000 bonus points, complete any level without hitting any cars.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives GXEOZZVI
Players 1 and 2 start both with 1 life each UNUOTTNY
Players 1 and 2 start both with 9 lives each UNUOTTNN
Infinite grenades AEUXSIPA
More grenades on pick-up GAVXNGGE
Less grenades on pick-up ZAVXNGGA
Start with 20 grenades KYVEOZUY
Start with 50 grenades NYVEOZUY
Longer immunity NNOPLLEK
Shorter immunity AKOPLZEG