Cheats for Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden SNES

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Cheats for Dragon Ball Z – Super Butouden SNES

View real ending:
Play on a difficulty level of three or higher and fight the following matches in order:

  1. Son Gokuu Vs. Picollo
  2. Son Gokuu Vs. Vejeta
  3. Son Gokuu Vs. Freeza
  4. Piccolo Vs. Android #20
  5. Vejeta Vs. Android #18
  6. Piccolo Vs. Cell
  7. Son Goku Vs. Android #16
  8. Vejeta Vs. Trunks
  9. Son Goku Vs. Son Gohan
  10. Son Gohan Vs. P-Cell

The text ‘The End’ will appear. Wait until ‘Final Battle’ appears. Defeat Perfect Cell to view the real ending of the game.

CPU control:
Pause a Vs. mode or Tenkai-Ichi Budokai mode match and press A + B + X + Y. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Resume game play and the CPU will assume control.

Hidden characters:
Hold L + R, continuously press X, A, B, Y in a clockwise direction, and sweep the D-pad in a counter-clockwise Full-Circle when Goku begins to speak. Continue the controller actions until Goku’s voice is heard following a chime again. This code also allows both players to select the same character in Vs. mode.

Press A during the introduction sequence to display the title screen. Wait until Goku and Picollo begin fighting in the background, then press L + R + Select + Start. The game will reset. Press any button to enter the main menu. The game level (in the option menu) will be set to 4 to confirm correct code entry.

Fight as Brawly or Goku:
Wait until Son Goku’s hand flies toward the tower in the sky during the introduction sequence. Then, press Up, X, Down, B, L, Y, R, A. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Special sound effects:
Enable the ‘Hidden characters’ and ‘Same characters’ codes. Once in versus mode, use a character against himself. For example, Goku vs. Goku. When Goku uses his Kamehameha, he will say ‘Kamehame-ha’. If he uses the Spirit Bomb, he will say ‘Spirit Bomb’.

Reflect beams:
After your opponent has used a beam and the screen goes to your player, wait until your character does another pose. Then, quickly press Back, Down, Forward and hold A.

Block beams:
Press Down, Back, Forward, A when your opponent does a beam and your character will change pose to block it fully.

Hint: Avoiding special beam damage:

Dodge: Press Up, Down, A. Only one quarter damage done.

Disperse: Press Away, TowardsA. Attack is destroyed and no damage is done.

Deflect: Assuming that the defender is facing to the right, press Left, Down/Left, Down, A. Defender swats attack aside. No damage done.

Reflect: Assuming that the defender is facing to the right, press Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right, A. The attack is reflected back to the attacker who must do a defense immediately, but can only Block or Dodge. No damage is done to the initial defender. Sometimes unreliable and may blow up in the defender’s face. If done with Piccolo and it fails, he may lose his arm.

Shield: Can only be done by Android #18. When she changes her pose, press Down, Up, A. An energy shield will form and block the attack. No damage done.

Absorb: Can only be done by Android #20. When he changes his pose, press Down, Up, A. Android #20 will cry out ‘NOW!’ in Japanese, absorb the energy from the attack, and add it to his life bar.