Cheats for Dragons Lair SNES

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Cheats for Dragons Lair SNES

Level passwords:
Use the axe or sword to change the question marks on the password screen. The number in the password corresponds to a platform, and the letter is the actual value. Example: To enter 2D, change the question mark on platform 2 to the letter D.



After snake bosses

2D 4C 6A 8B

After large bat

1B 2D 7A 8C

After grim reaper

3D 4B 5C 6A

Dragon’s lair

1A 3B 5C 6D


In Level 3, stay away from the exit in the top right corner. It will take Dirk back to Level 1.

In Level 6, if the leap to the moving ledge at the end is missed, Dirk will return to the start of the game.

In Level 22, The top right exit is a fake.

Extra red hearts:
Enter Level 1, Scene 1, and search for the red heart that gives Dirk an extra life. After collecting the heart, exit the level without losing a life. Re-enter the level, and get the heart again. Repeat this process as needed.