Cheats for Final Fantasy III SNES

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Cheats for Final Fantasy III SNES

Hint: Learning spells:
Once the airship is obtained from Setzer,in the World Of Balance, go to a small triangular island and start a fight. Eventually a invisible creature called Intangir will be encountered. Cast Doom on the Intangir and he will use his final meateo attack on a single character, taking about 900-1200 HP. After he is defeated, 10 esper points will be awarded. Which is a good way to learn spells for your characters.

Hint: Healing with Doom:
You must have the Relic Ring to do this trick. Have one of your party members equip the Relic Ring. When you cast the Doom on the person wearing the Relic Ring, it will heal your entire party to full health. This trick is especially useful when you are fighting a Boss and are running low on HP.

Hint: Best spell:
The best spell is Vanish and Doom. If you use Vanish then Doom on 95% or more of the monsters, they will perish. Note: This is the easiest way to kill Kefka at the end of the game.

Hint: Random hat replacement:
Un-equip the hat of the character you like the most. Sell all other hats you have. Then, go to the hatless character’s equipment screen and select ‘Optimum’. Sometimes a random item (usually a Genji Glove) will be equipped as a hat, and boosts defense up to 255.

Hint: Getting another Genji Glove:
You can get another Genji Glove during your stay at Banon’s Hideout. When Terra talks to Banon alone, he will ask you to be their hope, light, etc. Answer ‘No’. Return outside and he will ask you again. Answer ‘No’ again. You will do this three times, and Terra will come inside and ask how anybody could depend on her. Then a wounded soldier will come in. When you leave, instead of getting the gauntlet, you will receive the Genji Glove.

Hint: Unlimited Genji Gloves:
Place Locke in the party and go to the floating continent in the World Of Balance. Note: The floating continent can only be reached in the World Of Balance after taking Terra to the sealed cave, and before the world changes. Steal from the dragon monster that appears. Most of time, only a potion will be obtained, but eventually a Genji Glove will be taken. Repeat this process to collect as many Genji Gloves as needed.

Hint: Unlimited Muscle Belts:
Muscle Belts will double your maximum HP. Go to ZoZo mountain and the giant green monster that is similar to the monster was first fought when you arrived in ZoZo. It resembles an overgrown humans. Have Locke in your party with the Thief Glove relic equipped and can steal a Muscle Belt from it. Note: This takes some time, as most of the time you will only steal potions.

Hint: Unlimited Exp. Eggs:
Go to the small island in the World Of Ruin above the town where you get Strago and Relm. Use the Ragnarock Esper on a monster called Harpy to turn it into an exp. Egg.

In the World Of Ruin, go to Narshe with Locke and Edgar included in your party. Go to the weapon shop and talk to the old man. He will ask if you want the Ragnarok Sword or Esper. Choose the Esper and equip it. Then, fly to Eboshi Rock (on the small island north of Thamasa where you get Strago and Relm). Do not go into the cave. Instead, walk around until you fight a monster called Harpy. Have Edgar use the Noise Blaster on Harpy to confuse it, making it vulnerable to any fatal attack. Then, have whoever is equipped with the Ragnarok Esper use it on the Harpy. The message ‘Metamorphosis Better Off Exp. Egg’ will appear, then the Harpy will die. Check your inventory and the Exp. Egg should be there. Note: If you do not use the Noise Blaster, the Ragnarok Esper will miss Harpy most of the time.

Hint: Unlimited Magicite:
Go to the Coliseum, then bet a Phoenix Down. You will have to fight a Cactuar. Make sure you equip yourself with Atma Weapon and you will defeat it easily. Everytime you win, you get a Magicite. Repeat the process to get as many as needed.

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