Cheats for Freedom Force NES

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Cheats for Freedom Force NES

Alternate Ending

To view the alternate ending you must destroy the enemy hideout four times in a row.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Health GZVAYLSA
Begin the game with half Health GAKVYVAO
Infinite Ammo AEUTLYZZ
Begin the game with half Ammo ZOOTYTGZ
Fewer errors allowed LEOVAYTA
Unlimited errors allowed OXOTYNOK
Begin the game on level 2 ZAUTLTPA
Begin the game on level 3 LAUTLTPA
Begin the game on level 4 GAUTLTPA
Begin the game on level 5 IAUTLTPA

Hint: Always hit the target

Place a powerful magnifying glass between the light gun and your television screen. Hold the light gun approximately 60 centimetres (2 feed) from the television and fire whenever your target appears. Aiming directly through the centre of the magnifying glass and towards the centre of the television screen will result in you always hitting the item you are targeting, provided the gun and magnifying glass are positioned correctly. A few attempts may be required in order to get the positioning right. Alternatively, place the light gun directly in front of the target you want to hit so that the gun is right up against the screen.

Hint: Using the light gun effectively

If you have a light gun fitted with a notch at the back (like the Zapper), use this notch to aim. Look through it and it will act like crosshairs to assist you in aiming.

Hint: Mirror challenge

You can shoot the light gun at the game via a mirror. Use a large mirror reflecting the television screen and aim for your targets in the mirror rather than the television screen itself.