Cheats for Illusion of Gaia SNES

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Cheats for Illusion of Gaia SNES

Red Jewel bonuses:
Collect the indicated amount of Red Jewels and turn them in to Gem the Jeweler to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Herb: 3 Red Jewels

Defense Force (Defense +1): 5 Red Jewels

Life Force (Max HP +1): 8 Red Jewels

Strength Force (Strength +1): 12 Red Jewels

Psycho Power (Higher Psycho Dash Damage): 20 Red Jewels

Dark Power (increased Dark Friar damage): 30 Red Jewels

Gem’s Secret Mansion: 50 Red Jewels.

Hint: Catch a fish while drifting:
Kara will say that she will not eat fish. When you see a fish jump, hit it with your sword. It will come on board. Eat it, talk to Kara, then she will eat it.

Hint: Become Shadow and use Aura:
Get to the Pyramid (which is right after Dao). When you are in it, you will see a dark space portal. Enter it and become the new character. Talk to Gaia. He will give you Aura. Press B to use Aura. You have to see small stones under the floor.

Hint: Diamond mine: Red Jewels:
In the diamond mine while you are rescuing the laborers, there is a laborer stuck inside a cleft near the first dark space you encounter. Go all the way up to the left of the dark space and you should see the wind blowing your hair. Use Will’s Psycho-Dash to open the wall. He will give you three Red Jewels as a reward.

Hint: Freejia: Red Jewel locations:
Red Jewels can be found at the following locations.

Check a pot in one of the rooms on the second floor of the Inn where Lilly is found.

Reveal the location of the hiding laborer to the labor traders (he is in the house locked from the inside near the Inn).

When entering the town, go to the far right until you see a flower bed. When you see it, approach and you should jump into it. Follow it down to the end until you reach a secret area containing a hidden labor trader. He will ask you how you found this area, then will give you a red jewel.

Hint: Euro: Red Jewel locations:
Red Jewels can be found at the following locations.

In a narrow alley corner near the house with the two old men.

Give Ann three apples from the market.

Enter the church and walk up to the shrine. Press A and select ‘Yes’ from the two options you get after examining it. The shrine should disappear, revealing a hidden passage. Enter the hidden passage then go to the lower-right of the room to find three barrels. One of them contains a Red Jewel.

Hint: South Cape: Red Jewel locations:
The Red jewels are the items you must give to the Jeweler Gems (the man that holds the Red Jewels in every town).

Check a pot in the basement of Lance’s house.

Check the left side of the bell tower on the roof of the academy where the game begins.

Check the pot the fisher men pulls up (walk in and out of the hideout on the dock until the fisherman is in front of the hideout with a pot).

Hint: Hidden passage:
In the alley in Euro City is a church-like location. Enter to find a hidden passage containing a surprise.

Hint: Go through Statues in Great Wall of China:
Once you reach the Statues inside a Little Maze, use Freedan and use Dark Friar on the statue. If it did not work, step slightly to the side until you manage to attack it with the Dark Friar. Once the Statue is hit, it will rush through you and you will pass the Statue.

Hint: 360 degree attack:
Hold A and rotate the D-pad clockwise or anti-clockwise. He will attack in all directions.

Hint: Secret level:
Once you obtain all 50 Red Jewels, talk to the Jeweler. Pick the final option to be transported to a secret level containing many difficult enemies not found anywhere else in the game, and a secret Boss, Soul Blazer, awaiting you at the end.

Hint: Ending bonus:
After completing the game, wait for the credits to end. Kara should be standing next to Will. Wait slightly longer, and Kara will move closer to Will. Wait even more, and you should see Will standing in what looks like a school. After a few lines of dialog, all of Will’s friends will start to run by.