Cheats for Jimmy Connors Tennis NES

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Cheats for Jimmy Connors Tennis NES


The following passwords will start you at various parts throughout the tournament:

  • DM*X TTennis Ball*W BWB2 *7BQ *VTZ *Q*P *P*T *T*M *WMZ
  • FZ*W vTennis Ball*W BWBH B7BV *6*8 *2*Tennis Ball *Tennis Ball*5 *Tennis Ball*T *W3T
  • Tennis Ball*B1 VRBW B2B3 WKCV *6*C B2*Tennis Ball **o *Tennis Ball*T *597
  • 1*B6 VXV9 VDVC X5DV **BC B2*Tennis Ball *Tennis Ball*F BTennis Ball*T *WFC
  • 2*B6 B6V7 WWW3 DCFTennis Ball TNBC BBB7 *7*F B7*3 *M2Tennis Ball

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Only need 15 points to win game AEVTIPLA
Only need 30 points to win game PEVTIPLA
Only need 40 points to win game ZEVTIPLA
Only need 1 game to win set AEEVAZTA
Only need 2 games to win set PEEVAZTA
Only need 3 games to win set ZEEVAZTA
OOnly need 4 games to win set GEEVAZTA
Only need 5 games to win set IEEVAZTA
Must get 2 points after 40 to win and no deuces EEVVIPEI
Do not need to win by 2 to win tie-breaker PEKVGPZA
Need 2 points to win tie-breaker ZEUVIPYA
Need 3 points to win tie-breaker LEUVIPYA
Need 4 points to win tie-breaker GEUVIPYA
Need 5 points to win tie-breaker IEUVIPYA
Need 6 points to win tie-breaker TEUVIPYA
Need 10 points to win tie-breaker ZEUVIPYE