Cheats for Krusty’s Fun House – Featuring the Simpsons! NES

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Cheats for Krusty’s Fun House – Featuring the Simpsons! NES


Level Password
Level 1 HI__KIDS
Level 4 BOUVIER_
Level 5 MENDOZA_

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Invincibility 0005 0864
Infinite Lives 0005 0903
Infinite Cream Pies/Super Balls 0005 1109
Bart is replaced by a mouse and mouse doors are half open 0004 5600
Krusty does not move legs when walking 0004 6C4B
Krusty is always waving 0004 5711

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Energy AAUXAEZA
Begin the game with 9 lives PAKATALE
Begin the game with 6 lives TAKATALA
Begin the game with 1 life PAKATALA
Infinite pies on your first life GXKZPKVK
Begin the game with 6 pies TAKELEPA
Begin the game with 18 pies ZPKELEPA
Pick up super balls instead of custard pies AEOXSLPA

Hint: Easy rat trapping

This trick may be performed in any room where Krusty has at least two moveable blocks. Position the first block near a wall. Wait until the rats have crossed and are between the wall and the block. While standing on top of the first block, release the block that Krusty is carrying and trap the rats. If the area where the rats are trapped is only as wide as one block, all the rats in that space will be restricted to only take up the space of a single rat. This is especially useful in areas where Krusty must build stairs for the rats to climb in order to reach the trap.