Cheats for Lifeforce NES

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Cheats for Lifeforce NES

This title is also known as:

  • Life Force (in United States of America)
  • Salamander (in Japan)

Start with 30 Lives and 4 Continues

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A then Start at the title screen to start the game with 30 lives and 4 continues.

Borrow a Life

Start a 2-player game, then press A and B to take a life from the other player.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives for Player 1 0000 3409
Infinite Lives for Player 2 0000 3509

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives GZKGILVI
Begin the game with 6 lives TEKVNTLA
Begin the game with 1 life PEKVNTLA
Keep pods after losing life GZSGLTSP
Begin the game with Speed PEKGPTAA
Begin the game with Missile ZEKGPTAA
Begin the game with Ripple LEKGPTAA
Begin the game with Laser GEKGPTAA
Begin the game with Option IEKGPTAA
Begin the game with Force Field TEKGPTAA
Begin the game at the Volcanic level PEUTSTAA
Begin the game at the Prominence level ZEUTSTAA
Begin the game at Cell level 2 LEUTSTAA
Begin the game at The Temple level GEUTSTAA
Begin the game at The Mechanical City level IEUTSTAA