Cheats for Mad Max NES

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Cheats for Mad Max NES

Level Select

Enter HUMU as your password to begin the game at the Area 3 Arena or any earlier level. To successfully complete the game, you must start at the Area 3 Road War level or earlier.

Skip Car Adventure

To skip the Car Adventure, enter MMAX as your password.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite ammo SXVAEVVK
Begin the game with full food and water NYEYVYAX
Begin the game with less ammo AGOYUYEA
Car won’t take damage AENEPYAP
Less damage done to car GENEPYAP
More damage done to car AXNEPYAP
No damage done to player AAUAUEAA
Less damage done to player GAUAUEAA
More damage done to player APUAUEAA
Better tune-up AVKVLPAZ
Cheaper arena pass GEEATZYA + GLKELZYL
Dynamite costs nothing AANEPZPA
Ammo costs nothing AAVEGZPA