Cheats for Maniac Mansion NES

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Cheats for Maniac Mansion NES

Hint: Skip the arcade machine part

You do not have to do anything with the arcade machines. If you do not fix them, the combination will always be 0000.

Hint: Own two hamsters

To own two hamsters, have Sid or Razor put the hamster in the microwave. Turn it on and execute the ‘Get Hamster’ command while it is running. You will have the hamster, and when you open the microwave the blown up hamster will also be there.

Hint: Get past Nurse Edna

To get past Nurse Edna, get into her room and quickly select the top of the ladder. If successful, you will go past her and outrun her into the attic room.

Hint: Feed Meteor to Plant

To feed the Meteor to the plant, first execute the ‘Use Yellow Key’ command in the car before you get the Meteor. Then, get the Meteor and run all the way to the room with the Plant. Feed the meteor to the plant and the fence will get blown up.

Hint: Messing with the publishers

Send the following items to the publishers to see what they say: the original manuscript, the black tape, the tape with the record recorded on it, the tape with the broken record recorded on it, the record, the broken record and an empty envelope, or the envelope with the quarter still in it.

Hint: Do not lose any items when getting past Green Tentacle

To avoid losing items when getting past Green Tentacle, give a can of Pepsi to Green Tentacle early in the game when you first go to the third floor and encounter him. He will say, ‘Twelve full ounces, that’s a lot. Thanks kid.’ Leave the room. Return, and he will be gone. You will still have the can of Pepsi.

Hint: Break out of the dungeon

To escape the dungeon, move your pointer around the wall. There will be a loose brick somewhere. Push the loose brick and the door will open.

Hint: Quicker game

The game can be completed faster without having to find the old rusty key. To do this, have someone (for example, Dave) get caught by Edna and sent to the dungeon. Keep him in there so he can use the loose brick every time someone gets stuck in the dungeon.

Glitch: Invisible character

Blow up the hamster and give it to Weird Ed. He will kill you. You can still use the character he killed, but he/she will be invisible and all of his/her items will be erased.

Hint: Ways to die

  • As Razor, get the Hamster from Weird Ed’s room and put it in the microwave. Close the microwave and turn it on. Take the remains of the Hamster and give it back to Weird Ed. He will be so mad that you killed his hamster that he will kill you.
  • Have Sid or Razor’s demo tape published and give it to Green Tentacle.
  • Drain the pool. Have someone go in it. Leave him/her in there.
  • Use the glass jar on the pool. Use the glass jar in the microwave. Turn on the microwave. When it is done, open the microwave and you will die from radiation.

Hint: Endings

Ending Description
Sad ending Kill Dave then complete the game. Sandy will not see her boy friend at the end.
Funny ending Retype the manuscript and get it published. Give it to the Meteor. He says ‘I don’t have to be evil anymore’. He becomes a writer and you will see him on a talk show.
Zombie ending Kill all three of your characters. Do not do anything to cause a meltdown, but kill them off individually. The game will say that Meteor took over the world, and Sandy became a Zombie.