Cheats for Mystery Quest NES

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Cheats for Mystery Quest NES

Extra Lives

Pause the game and press A, Up, B and Down. When you resume the game you will have 10 additional lives. This cheat can only be used once each level.

Faster Movement

For faster movement, start moving while pressing B repeatedly to shoot.

Jump Farther

To jump farther, repeatedly press A immediately after landing from a jump.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Invincibility GXNPYAVG
Immune to monster attacks AEXOGEEY
Immune to shallow water AEUOAENY
Begin the game with more energy ATSEUYAG
Begin the game with less energy AZSEUYAG
Begin the game with raft and key PEUOKPAA
Never lose key GXVOOYSA
Never lose raft PENOPTAA