Cheats for NARC NES

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Cheats for NARC NES

Continue Game Play

To continue game play, hold A, B, Select and Start and rapidly tap diagonal Up/Right at the title screen. After all lives have been used, countdown timer will appear in the life power window. Press Start to continue game play at the last level played.

Double Points

Enter your initials as A, S, S at the high score screen to gain double points.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SUKVTLVI
Start with 9 lives AAUAZPZE
Start with 6 lives IAUAZPZA
Start with 1 life AAUAZPZA
Infinite Bullets AAOSUPPA
More bullets on pick-up GASPTLZA
Infinite Missiles AEEILGPA
More missiles PUVAGAIU
9 missiles on pick-up PEUZPZIE
1 missile on pick-up PEUZPZIA