Cheats for Ninja Gaiden III NES

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Cheats for Ninja Gaiden III NES

This title is also known as:

  • Shadow Warriors III: The Ancient Ship of Doom

Recover Health

After getting injured, press Up and Start to recover your health.

Level Passwords (Japanese Version)

  • [SH] = Shiruken
  • [RF] = Ryu’s Face
  • [HP] = Health Potion
  • [JC] = Blue Japanese Character
Level Password
Level 1 [SH] [RF] [HP] [JC]
Level 2 [SH] [HP] [RF] [SH]
Level 3 [JC] [SH] [HP] [RF]
Level 4 [HP] [JC] [SH] [RF]
Level 5 [RF] [SH] [HP] [JC]
Level 6 [RF] [RF] [JC] [HP]
Level 7 [HP] [JC] [RF] [SH]

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SXEKVLVG
Infinite Energy SZEXILSA
Infinite Time SZVZIIVG
Less time VPKGXKXY
No power required for Windmill Throwing Star AESPKYPA + AEKOXNZA
No power required for Fire Wheel Art AEKOUNAA + AESPENAA
No power required for Invincible Fire Wheel AEKOVYGP + AESOEYZA
No power required for Fire Dragon Balls AEKOKNAA + AESPONAA
No power required for Vacuum Wave Art KOSNZA + AESPNYPA

Hint: Using power weapons

To use a power weapon (like the Ninja Star) hold Up and press B.