Cheats for Ninja Kid NES

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Cheats for Ninja Kid NES

This title is also known as:

  • Ninja Kun: Ashura No Shou (in Japan, United States of America)

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives 0000 2109
Infinite Time 0000 2A01

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Begin the game with 9 lives AAVEZAZE
Begin the game with 6 lives IAVEZAZA
Begin the game with 1 life AAVEZAZA
More invincibility time AZEILNYE
Less invincibility time YAEILNYA
Infinite feathers SZOZUPVG
Infinite stars SZXXITVG
Infinite boomerangs SXNOGGVG
Infinite fireflames SXUZZYVG
6 feathers on pick-up TAXSXALA
1 feather on pick-up PAXSXALA
40 stars on pick-up AZXSUAGO
10 stars on pick-up ZAXSUAGO
40 fireflames on pick-up AZXSSAGO
10 fireflames on pick-up ZAXSSAGO
1 boomerang on pick-up ZAXSKAGA