Cheats for Pac-Man 2 – The New Adventures SNES

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Cheats for Pac-Man 2 – The New Adventures SNES

Time trial mode:
Enter TRLMDPW as a password.

Pac-Man game:
Enter PCMNDPW as a password.

In the Japanese version, enter PACMANP as a password.

Ms. Pac-Man game:
Enter MSPCMND as a password.

In the Japanese version, enter MPACDPW as a password.

Practice mine cart level:
Enter FFTDB2W as a password.

Pattern test:
Enter PCMNPTT as a password.

Sound test:
Enter BGMRQST as a password.

Display percentage completed:
Hold Select and press X at the item screen.

Hint: Jumping over small holes:
To get Pac-Man to jump over small holes, let him look over the edge, then hit him. If you hit him correctly, he should jump. You can also give him a vitamin and keep him where you want him to be by just instructing him to do so.

Hint: Items form Lucy:
Go to Lucy’s house. When Pac-Man moves the couch, there are some things you can get. When you do it the first time, she gives you a Ms. Pac-Man cartridge. If you do it any other time, Lucy will go into her kitchen and give you cake.

Hint: Avoiding accidents:
When Pac-Man goes to get a hot dog at the old arcade, shoot the cat as it runs toward Pac-Man and it will return back to wall. This will allow Pac-Man to eat the hot dog. To avoid running into the door past Lucy’s house, shoot the sticker with an arrow and exclamation point next to the door. This will make it curl up, and Pac-Man will fix it while the man opens the door. In the forest past the rope-way station, do not shoot down the orange berry in the tree. It will make Pac-Man sick, and he will run into the next tree, causing a group of wooly worms to fall and scare him. The safest way to get through the forest is to shoot the purple butterfly on the first inner tree. It will fly away through the forest and Pac-Man will follow it to the end.

Glitch: Flying Pac-Man:
Go to the farm and do not shoot the bee hive. When Pac-Man reaches the farmer, shoot him (not Pac-Man). He should drop his pitchfork. When Pan-Man inspects him, wait until he gets about half way to the farmer, then shoot Pac-Man. He should jump and fall on the pitchfork. If done correctly, he should fly briefly.




[Pac-Man icon]WFTW5W


[Pac-Man icon]WGW45W


[Pac-Man icon]WFTWX4

Gum Monster