Cheats for Paperboy 2 NES

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Cheats for Paperboy 2 NES

Week 3

Enter 4796 as a password to start in Week 3.

Use Route

Enter 6479 as your password.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives AAKEZLPA
Begin the game with 3 lives LEOUYGIA
Begin the game with 10 lives ZEOUYGIE
Begin the game with 1 life PEOUYGIA
Infinite Papers AEVPNLPA
Begin the game with 20 papers GPELGVZA
Begin the game with 15 papers YAELGVZE
Gain 5 papers on pick-up IEOAEOZA
Gain 15 papers on pick-up YEOAEOZE
Gain 20 papers on pick-up GOOAEOZA

Hint: Avoid crashing on jump

When you reach the house with the dog that runs through a broken part of the fence, you will find a jump in that location. To avoid crashing when trying to make the jump, hit your brakes when you are about to pass it. You should now see a car approaching. After it passes, go to the street and return to the sidewalk.