Cheats for Power Instinct SNES

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Cheats for Power Instinct SNES

Fight as Young Otane:
Select Vs. mode. Hold A + B + Y and press Start. Highlight Otane on the character selection screen, hold L + R, and press A + B, X.

Final Boss:
Enter QT:+XT0MQ7 as a password.

Hint: Defeating Oume:
Use Keith and immediately after the battle starts, press Back, Back to double back. Oume will do the same. Hold Down/Back to charge with Keith. When you are on the opposite side of the screen as Oume, she will shoot her fire balls. Keith’s Knuckle Bomber will go right through these and hit her three times. Once she is knocked down, double back to the far edge of the screen and do the same thing until she nas been defeated.

Go to the options screen and set the game on ‘Easy’ or as where one arrow is red. Press Start to return and start the game. Fight as Otane and make your way to Oume. Let her kiss you and bring her life status down to win the game.

Hint: Defeating Angela:
Use Buffalo and his Flying Elbow Blow.