Cheats for R.B.I. Baseball NES

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Cheats for R.B.I. Baseball NES

This title is also known as:

  • Family Stadium (in Japan)

View the credits

To view the programmer credits, press Start, A and B simultaneously on the title screen.

Hint: Priest hints

Talk to a priest to receive a message that has the first letter of each world capitalised. Arrange those capitalised letters to form a hint for the game.

Hint: Better pinch hitters

When selecting a pinch hitter, choose a player with a last name that starts with a ‘H’ for a better chance of them getting a hit.

Hint: Automatic plays

Select the ‘Watch Game’ option to start a CPU vs. CPU game. Use the controller during the game to start controlling the home team. When you need to make a play, stop using the controller and the CPU will assume control of the team.