Cheats for Rambo NES

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Cheats for Rambo NES


For invincibility, enter H800 lbW2 kG4Q KwKc 66WH QbW2 0F1D G19D as your password.


To view the ending, enter yDaB pc71 jQOA uT3D nfWW 3UKT Yv4g G5WH as your password.

Alternate Ending, C.O. lives

To view the alternate ending, enter WL8k Xv57 TwOB WU3C BDA7 cvJ7 2PtH 9EO4 as your password.

Extra Lives

After completing the game, enter 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 as your password and begin a new game. For every boss you defeat you will gain extra lives.

Hint: Teleport

To teleport, stand on one of the ‘N’ and ‘S’ indicators that appear on the ground and press Up.