Cheats for River City Ransom NES

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Cheats for River City Ransom NES

This title is also known as:

  • Street Gangs (in Australia)
  • ?????????? (Transliteration: Dauntaun Nekketsu Monogatari; Translation: Downtown Nekketsu Story; Interpreted as: Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari)

Keep money after dying

During a 2-player game, when either player is very low on energy, move both players to the edge of the screen and intentionally kill the player that is almost dead. Then, immediately jump into the next screen and the dead player will be present with all money intact, but one less life.

Hidden Shop

To access the hidden shop, Merlin’s Mystery Shop, stand under the fourth light from the left side in the Armstrong Thru-Way Tunnel and press Up to enter.

Super Passwords

These super passwords give you all special moves, the Texas Boots, maximum status in everything, enough money to buy anything and all bosses beaten except for Slick.

  • ckRieYMcSQo gQv26brTfpo apqExgzahoW


Effect Password
Acro Circus, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Fatal Steps, Javelin Man, Sneakers, Excalibur, Rodan Wing 89BTPUSVQS0 Ypm5GduXAVs YAul1s0elEa
Acro Circus, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Fatal Steps, Javelin Man, Sneakers, Excalibur zA’c2INrXNVr bjx2jYtQdop dB’riyphdg7X
Acro Circus, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Fatal Steps, Javelin Man, and $114 2B5zJGuNsYu mz5yAbodavq SbWfvmmYjjU
Acro Circus and Lightning Feet qJiIz0gySUq ryh30fsRuek qfijzqmsnUY
99 strength and $122.30 EM7KGA0DBDh WcEtZhSQjTZ fUXYofbaZ7N
63 status in everything, full will power, full stamina, all special moves, Texas Boots, $500.50 jrYplfTgbdj nOorLTIYXwR SjTuqpilUHP
Full energy, 63 status in everything, all special moves, and $0.15 iqXokeSfaci mKpvcUkZUzW RiQvrqhkT4Q
Ready to fight Ivan mubsoiWsugi SL8qcQgFQ3S eTWXnedgbYM
Ivan defeated, High School open t1izvpdOZnZ JxNkJp7Cpub XMPQgXErSMF
Ready to fight Slick XfMdZTHwiR3 jaj6jfRUDEt tilm2tWRo8b
Full inventory at start w412ysgtMqc MUSjKm2PqtE UJMNdUTGOQC

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Energy 0004 BF3F
Infinite Money 0004 C903
Faster Music 0007 6302

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Begin the game with double of all attributes TOSNAVYE
Increase stamina to 99 LVNYIVYL
Player 1 starts with double money AGENAYAZ
Player 2 starts with double money AGOYYYAZ
Player 1 starts with $100 extra PAENIYAA
Player 2 starts with $100 extra PAONGYAA

Hint: Rename character

To rename your character, press Select at the ‘select players’ screen, or press A, B and Select together at the one/two player selection screen.

Hint: Moves

Move Instructions
Punch Press A.
Kick Press B.
Uppercut After your opponent is worn down, press A (punch) to finish him off with an uppercut. If you are fighting a boss, you will uppercut him when he is stunned.
High kick Press B after wearing your opponent down.
Jump Press A and B together.
Run Quickly press Left twice or Right twice, depending on the direction you intend to run.
Jump Kick Get a running start, press A and B together to jump, then press B to kick.
Hop Kick Get a running start, press A and B together to jump, then press B to kick. Repeatedly press B a few seconds before you hit the ground to jump kick.
Attack with a weapon Pick up a weapon by walking over it and pressing B. Press A button to strike with it.
Throw a weapon Press B to pick up a weapon, then press B again to throw it.
To throw an opponent Knock your opponent to the ground, then press B to pick him up. Press B again to throw him. You can also hurl your opponents into other opponents.
Kryptonite Knock your opponent to the ground, then press B to pick him. Press A to hit other opponents with the one you’ve picked up. The one in your hands will only stay there for a short time before jumping out of your hands. Try to kick or punch them before they reach the ground.
Over the head weapon strike With a weapon in hand, jump, then attack with the weapon. You can also throw the weapon while jumping.

Hint: Special Abilities

Note: these special abilities must be learnt by purchasing books from the book stores in the game and reading them.

Move Instructions
Stone Hands Press A.
Dragon Feet Press B.
Acro Circus Get a running start, then press A and B together.
Fatal Steps When your opponent is dazed and on the ground, walk over him and press A and B together.
Grand Slam Press A with a weapon in hand.
Javelin Man Press B with an enemy in hand.

Hint: Repeat opponent toss

Beat your opponent until they begin falling to the ground. While they are falling, walk over to them and immediately press B just as they touch the ground. You will be able to grab them before they disappear.

Return to life

Buy some Karma Jolt or other health-restoring item. You can return to life if you use it immediately when you fall down and start flashing. This has to be done quickly or you will have have wasted your money and item.