Cheats for Star Trek – The Next Generation NES

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Cheats for Star Trek – The Next Generation NES

Level Select

For a level select, enter OVERRIDE as your password and begin the game. When Captain Picard is describing the mission, press Up to access the level select.

Sound Test

For a sound test, enter WHOOSH as your password. Use the Directional Pad and A on controller 2 to listen to sounds from the game.

Instant Borg Defeat

To instantly defeat Borg, travel to the indicated coordinates, then hold A and B and press Select. You will hear an explosion if this has worked.


Rank Password
Ensign Rank LORE
Lieutenant Rank SELA
Lt. Commander Rank SAREK
Commander Rank SOONG
Captain Rank VASH

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
All systems immune to damage when shields are down OUXTPYOP
Shields immune to damage when shields are up SXUVTNSE
Fast damage repair AGKVTTEP
Very fast damage repair APKVTTEP
Instant damage repair AAVTZVIL
Slower damage repair EGKVTTEP
Enemy does less damage ZKNVLEZE
Stop game time starting over ATETISVT
Photon Torpedoes always work AAUZPAGY
Phasers always work AAEXTPNY
Phasers fire for longer AAOXPOKT
Transporter power does not decrease most of the time SXVUSTVG
Less transporter power required most of the time IANUXTAZ
Stardate does not advance GVNZOZIT