Cheats for Star Voyager NES

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Cheats for Star Voyager NES

Warp Speed

At the information screen, select a course, then return to the main menu. Hold B until the speed meter is one mark below maximum, then release the button. Then, hold B when the warp meter is the same as the warp distance gauge and the screen will turn blue as the warp begins. Release B when the gauge returns to zero again.

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite life support pods GZSZSTVG
Begin the game with double life support pods GPKIASZA
Begin the game with triple life support pods TPKIASZE
Barrier will not take damage AASLSLLA
Radar will not take damage AOKLVLEI
Cannon will not take damage ENXLXLEI
Engine will not take damage AAXUXLLA