Cheats for Stealth ATF NES

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Cheats for Stealth ATF NES

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Missiles SZVZSSVK
Begin the game with double missiles AOUXXEAA
No damage taken from enemy bullets SZVPXNVV
Begin the game with less fuel AVUXNAVP
More enemy planes AEKZZLZE

Hint: Target enemy bogeys

To target enemy bogeys easily, keep your altitude angle at +6.

Hint: Easy landing

For an easy landing, descend until your tyres are in front of the black of the runway, but do not go all the way down. Once your tyres are in front of the runway, straighten the aircraft and hold B without pressing anything else.

Hint: Bonus level

There is a bonus round for each level in the game. To access them, defeat all of the bogeys in the level without taking any damage yourself.