Cheats for Super Spy Hunter NES

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Cheats for Super Spy Hunter NES

Extra Lives

For extra lives, hold A, B and Select and press Start at the title screen. Numbers will appear on the screen if this code has been entered correctly. The number that remains on the screen is the number of lives available to you during the game.

Pong Mini-Game

Press A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, then Start at the continue screen to access the Pong mini-game. Defeat the CPU in this mini-game to continue game play with 20 extra lives.

Super Car

For a super car, pause game play at any point except during the Boss sequences, then press Up, Up, B, Right, Right, B, Down, B, Down, B, Left, Left, A, B then Start.

Drive Off-Road

After leaving the weapons truck, immediately move to the right side of the screen to drive over water, trees and other surfaces until the road widens.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Energy 0000 7B40
Infinite Lives 0000 7409