Cheats for Swords and Serpents NES

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Cheats for Swords and Serpents NES

All Experience and Unlimited Life

Start a new game and create a new party. Save the game immediately after starting, then turn off the console. Turn the console back on again and enter the first 3 character codes and their names. Enter ‘life’ as the fourth character’s name and question marks as the fourth character’s code and game code. 16 experience points and unlimited life will be given when the game is started.

Level Passwords

Level Password
Level 1 QJALS???4UNMR?
Level 2 9JATS???4XNMW?
Level 3 UJACS???4VNRZ?
Level 4 UJ9FS???4SNFX?
Level 7 3RSJS???ATUNF?
Level 9 3NSJS???RQULIK
Level 10 ENSJS???RQ3QHK
Level 10+ UNSJS???RQ3K6?

Character Passwords

Character Upper Level With Ruby Items

Game Genie Codes

Some of these codes may only work when starting a new game using an ‘Existing Party’, not when creating your own party. Effect Code No monster attacks OKITSO 1 hit kills PGGTST Start with 30 health points each TPXGNVZE + TPXKSVZE Start with 50 health points each ZLXGNVZA + ZLXKSVZA All characters have Scale Armor VANGKTVE Ajax starts with 30 Strength TOXUINTE Ajax starts with 50 Strength ZUXUINTA Ajax starts with 30 Intelligence TOXUTNZE Ajax starts with 50 Intelligence ZUXUTNZA Ajax starts with 30 Agility TOXUYNLE Ajax starts with 50 Agility ZUXUYNLA Ajax starts with 30 Health TOULANZE + TOUUGNZE Ajax starts with 50 Health ZUULANZA + ZUUUGNZA Ajax starts with the Great Sword UEEKSTOE Ajax starts with the Great Axe KEEKSTOE or KEULLYOE Ajax starts with the Death Dagger NOULLYOA Ajax starts with Scale Armour VEULGYVE Iago starts with 30 Strength TPNUYNPE Iago starts with 50 Strength ZLNUYNPA Iago starts with 30 Intelligence TOELANIE Iago starts with 50 Intelligence ZUELANIA Iago starts with 30 Agility TOELPNGE Iago starts with 50 Agility ZUELPNGA Iago starts with 30 Health TOELZNZE + TOEUTNZE Iago starts with 50 Health ZUELZNZA + ZUEUTNZA Iago starts with 30 Spell Points TOELLNIE + TOEUYNIE Iago starts with 30 Spell Points ZUELLNIA + ZUEUYNIA Iago starts with a Wizard’s Wand SEEGETSE or SEELIYSE Iago starts with Death Dagger NOELIYSA Iago starts with Scale Armour VEELTYVE Iago starts with 5 different spells YOEULYLE Iago starts with all spells NNEULYLE + NNEUGYAE Iago has stronger spells YOEUGYAE Erin starts with 30 Strength TOKLGNAE Erin starts with 50 Strength ZUKLGNAA Erin starts with 30 Intelligence TOKLINTE Erin starts with 50 Intelligence ZUKLINTA Erin starts with 30 Agility TOKLTNLE Erin starts with 50 Agility ZUKLTNLA Erin starts with 30 Health TOKLYNZE + TOSLLNZE Erin starts with 50 Health ZUKLYNZA + ZUSLLNZA Erin starts with 30 Spell Points TOKUANYE + TOSLGNYE Erin starts with 50 Spell Points ZUKUANYA + ZUSLGNYA Erin starts with the Wizard’s Wand SEKUZYSE Erin starts with the Death Dagger NOKUZYSA Erin starts with the Scale Armour VEKULYVE Erin starts with 5 different spells YOSLAYLE Erin starts with all spells NNSLAYLE + NNSLPYAE Erin has stronger spells YOSLPYAE All magicians start with more spells YPKGSTLE All magicians have stronger spells LAKKXTAA Spells use up no magic points GZKYLGOY Mask starts with 30 Strength TOOLTNLE Mask starts with 50 Strength ZUOLTNLA Mask starts with 30 Intelligence TOOLYNPE Mask starts with 50 Intelligence ZUOLYNPA Mask starts with 30 Agility TOOUANIE Mask starts with 50 Agility ZUOUANIA Mask starts with 30 Health TOOUPNZE + TOXLINZE Mask starts with 50 Health ZUOUPNZA + ZUXLINZA Mask starts with a Long Sword XEOGVTXE or XEOUGYXE Mask starts with the Death Dagger NOOUGYXA Mask starts with Scale Armour VEOUIYVE Mask starts with an Axe KEOGVTXA