Cheats for TaleSpin NES

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Cheats for TaleSpin NES

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite energy AAXEGPTA
Infinite lives after getting trapped by obstacles GZKGNKVK
Begin the game with 10 lives PYVKZYLN
Begin the game with 7 lives TYVKZYLY
Begin the game with 1 life AYVKZYLY
10 lives after continue PNNGVLLN
7 lives after continue TNNGVLLY
1 life after continue ANNGVLLY
Infinite continues SXNKXLVG
Begin the game with 9 continues PYEGITLN
Begin the game with 6 continues TYEGITLY
Begin the game with 1 continue PYEGITLY
Add $1 000 000 to end-of-level bonus PYVGUAAY

Hint: Hidden area

To access a hidden area, fly past the third opponent in level 4, then enter the opening at the top of the screen.