Cheats for Tecmo Bowl NES

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Cheats for Tecmo Bowl NES

Strange Mode

Enter 997BFFA5 as your password for strabge mode.


Status Password
Week 2 Chicago 68141095
Week 2 Los Angeles 54F03080
Week 3 Chicago A8251099
Week 3 Los Angeles 15E0328F
Week 4 Chicago 29251294
Week 4 Los Angeles 5770B295
Week 5 Chicago 2B251A9E
Week 5 Los Angeles 9592B297
Week 6 Chicago 6BB59A92
Week 6 Los Angeles 94A3B296
Week 7 Chicago 2AB59E91
Week 7 Los Angeles 16A3B694
Division Playoffs 1 Chicago 28359F90
Division Playoffs 1 Los Angeles 56E3F698
Division Playoffs 2 Chicago 6AF5DF96
Division Playoffs 2 Los Angeles 17E3FE9D
League Playoff Chicago AB7DDFAB
League Playoff Los Angeles 14E3FF9B
Tecmo Bowl Chicago A99FDFA9
Tecmo Bowl Los Angeles 977BFFA6

Championship Passwords

Game Password
San Francisco vs. Denver 1DAFF7A6
Los Angeles vs. Washington 967FBFA5
Washington vs. Chicago 587BFFA0
Indianapolis vs. Los Angeles 438FDFAD
Chicago vs. Los Angeles A89FDFA8
Miami vs. San Francisco 072F7FAA
Dallas vs. San Francisco 202F7FAE
Denver vs. Los Angeles 0C8FDFA9
Cleveland vs. New York 098DFFA9
Minnesota vs. Los Angeles 2E9FDFA3
Seattle vs. Washington 937FBFA5
New York vs. Miami 24AFFDAD
Los Angeles vs. Miami 94BFFDAI

Mirror Match Passwords

Enter these passwords to play game against your own team.

Team Password
Washington 5B7FBFA3
Indianapolis 43AFFEAC
Cleveland 49AFFBA9
San Francisco 9C3F7FA5
Chicago 697BFFA5
Minnesota AC37FFA9
Denver CFBFF7A0
Miami 46AFFDAB
Los Angeles 969FDFA5
Seattle 93AFEFAS
Dallas 63AEFFA5
New York 269DFFA1

Invisible Team Passwords

Enter these passwords to play as the indicated team against an invisible team.

Team Password
Chicago 397BFFA5
Washington 397FBFA5
Cleveland 397FBFA5