Cheats for The Immortal NES

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Cheats for The Immortal NES

Level Passwords

Level Password
Level 2 x310y10006y90
Level 3 tt5xx21000x10
Level 4 9t3yx31001x60
Level 5 777x843000t60
Level 6 5ss0v67000ry0
Level 7 v131y770038y0

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Player’s fatigue level won’t decrease GZOUIXVK
Enemy’s fatigue level won’t decrease GZOLIXVK
Player’s fatigue level decreases faster YLEUIXYN
Player’s fatigue level decreases slower NYEUIXYN
Don’t lose energy from fighting SZSLTXVK
Fatigue level never increases SZNLPXVV
Take more damage from fireballs ZAKSIYPA

Hint: Defeating the dragon

To defeat the dragon, use ‘Blink’ six times.