Cheats for The New Zealand Story NES

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Cheats for The New Zealand Story NES

This title is also known as:

  • Kiwi Kraze (in United States of America)

Level Warps and Extra Lives

Level Warp Location
Level 1-2 Jump on the second platform, turn left and fire until a warp appears. Enter the warp and choose the warp to the right. Move right on the next screen to gain an extra life.
Level 1-3 Enter the warp and press Left to land on the platform in the centre. Shoot to the right until another warp appears. Enter this warp and you will be in a location with 2 extra lives.
End of Level 1 Ignore the bird at the end of the level and instead, shoot the ceiling to reveal the warp.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Invincibility 0004 C404
Infinite Lives for Player 1 0000 0702
Infinite Lives for Player 2 0000 0802
Infinite Time Under Water 0000 8930
Warp Zones Always Visible 0004 0500

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Lives SUSKLYVI
Infinite Continues GZEKXPVS
Begin the game with 1 life and 1 continue AANGLLZA
Begin the game with 6 lives and 6 continues IANGLLZA
Begin the game with 9 lives and 9 continues AANGLLZE
1 life after continue AAEGNPZA
6 lives after continue IAEGNPZA
9 lives after continue AAEGNPZE
Higher Jumping XYKTISKN
Begin the game on level 2 GZVKAUSE + GAVGYLAA
Begin the game on level 3 GZVKAUSE + AAVGYLAE
Begin the game on level 4 GZVKAUSE + GAVGYLAE
Begin the game on level 5 GZVKAUSE + PPVGYLAA