Cheats for Tom & Jerry NES

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Cheats for Tom & Jerry NES

Infinite Lives

At the title screen when Tom and Jerry are displayed with sunglasses, press Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, B, A, Select, Start, then Start for infinite lives.

In-game Reset

To reset the game, press A, B, Start and Select simultaneously.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Energy 0004 A304
Infinite Lives 0004 A209

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Begin the game with 1 life PASNVZLA
Begin the game with 6 lives TASNVZLA
Begin the game with 9 lives PASNVZLE
Infinite Lives SXSNYEVK
Infinite Energy AEXYPAPA
One touch kills LEXYPAPA
Begin the game on level 2 AEVYKPAE
Begin the game on level 3 AOVYKPAA
Begin the game on level 4 AOVYKPAE
Begin the game on level 5 AXVYKPAA

Hint: Extra lives

The following trick will allow you to earn up to nine lives. In level 2 (Pipes), keep shooting the sleeping crabs that never move. When you reach 50 000 points, you will get one bonus life. Repeat this to gain more lives. You can do the same thing in the fire level by getting the spitting can and shooting the fire continuously.