Cheats for Top Gear 3000 SNES

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Cheats for Top Gear 3000 SNES

Enter GVPM BBP? NZLS B150 BIC as a password.

Enter WJMR BCPR 22T1 BPL0 112 as a password.

$3,000,000 at Merak:
Enter BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB as a password.

$3,000,000 for player 1, $150,000 for player two:
Enter 0G1Y VSNH WYMS FNGX 9BL as a password.

All power-ups:
Enter MICK4CLAUDIA as a password.

Always qualify:
Enter MICKSMELANIE as a password.

Super password:
Enter CSZ9 3FPR MJ0T B16R 3X6 as a password to start at race #4 with $1,672,000 and all level 4 parts.

Enter 0MGM 3F?5 LDGZ C110 LF9 as a password to start with engine level 4, tires level 5, gearbox level 6, armor level 4, boost level 4, jump level 1, almost $4 million, and at the hard level in system Kraz.

Glitch code:
Enter BBB as a password, select ‘Exit’, then enter BBB as a password again. Enter the ‘Options’ menu. Notice that ‘MUSIC ON’ appears instead of the difficulty option. Begin game play. Note: The car will have no installed parts. You must buy them or the car will be immobile in the circuit. To return to normal, highlight the second ‘MUSIC ON’ option and press A, B, X, or Y thirteen times. Note: If you complete the game using this code and without using passwords to continue, the ending will be glitched.

Secret bonuses:
Complete one of the following goals to earn a secret bonus.

Secret Bonus A: Finish a race using a boost.

Secret Bonus C: Avoid ‘bumping’.

Secret Bonus D: Avoid hitting trees or other obstacles outside the road.

Secret Bonus E: Stay on the road (even if you do not hit an obstacle when outside, you will lose this bonus)




JSM9 3FR1 ?HQL B6R0 3R6


KS7M 3FR1 ?G98 86R0 3R7


0SL2 LFR? ?GYJ C2?0 3F7


?9S1 LFRS ?H6L C6P0 3N8


QS3N 3FRS ?HS3 C6P0 3F6


YSRX LFR? ?H?X C2?0 3P7


G9XF 3FR1 9G99 86R1 377


SSJ5 LFRS ?HB7 C6P0 326


V9HL LFRS ?G68 CPP0 387

Vega 5

WSB1 LFR? ?H29 C2?0 376


CSZ1 LFR1 9HX9 86R1 316