Cheats for Total Recall NES

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Cheats for Total Recall NES

Game Genie Codes

Effect Code
Infinite Energy AVNVOAKZ
Begin the game with less energy OZNKEPSX + ALNKOOLZ
Begin the game with more energy OZNKEPSX + NYNKOOLX
Most enemies easier to kill GXUIIXSO
Take less damage PENVKEGE
Gain maximum energy from canisters XYUVNUXT

Hint: Extra lives

For extra lives, enter the movie theatre at the start of the game and wait until the credits end.

Hint: Skip Earth stages

To restart the game at the Mars stages after reaching those stages, but losing the game, start a new game, then enter the movie theatre in Mr. Quaid’s Neighborhood. Hold A and B together during the credits and you will start the game at the Mars stages with an extra life.